Every perspective

A single concept, seen in as many different ways as there are people observing it. How do we capture all these different perceptions?

A map that regenerates itself to be centered around any particular lat-long you enter. Not only would it have to be geometrically redrawn, but it reflects the language and mapping styles of that particular geographic location. Even at that particular location, knowledge of the world evolved over time: it would be interesting to toggle that map on the time axis. A good example of a project that tries to capture different facets of a singular thing is On Broadway.

A publication that shows how a single story is reported across cities/the world. Sounds a little similar to what Circa was trying to do back in 2012-2015.

Individual words hovered over to see popups that capture how that word is seen by different viewpoints. Is it offensive? Taboo? Commercialized? A name of a band? A name of a business practice? A name of a theory in another field? How would this be different from the dictionary, or from Wikipedia? Is this more of a visual innovation?

Genius, but for every. single. word. Web comments for every word. Web trolls for every word. Upvotes and downvotes for every word.

Genius, but for every. single. frame. in a video. Web comments for every frame. Web trolls for every frame. Upvotes and downvotes for every word.

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