Things I Know That People Like

People like stickers.

I know that because my friend Paola once designed a children’s book

where you pick a sticker of an animal and a letter

and stuck it on the book’s pages alongside the other illustrations.


Not the most reusable book, I must say.

But everyone loved it.


And even though it was a children’s book, the grownups were the ones who got such joy out of it.

We begged Paola for the stickers,

and now I have a (polar) bear stuck on my laptop with its head peaking through the letter “B”.


People like running water.

I know that because I just walked past a plaza, with many little jets of water streaming straight up out of the ground. People of all ages were running around the fountain.

A woman planted her foot on one of the jets to prevent it from shooting out.

The ability to see a fountain, or a stream, and actively decide not to take your shoes off and step into it, is a super power.


I write this from the exquisite main hall of Denver’s Union Station. The fountain is right outside, and I’ve just actively decided not to join the people frolicking in it.

I chose not to do so because I have many bags, a coffee in one hand, and two newly-bought books in the other.  


My super power is having alot of stuff.

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